Real Shooting 3D 2016 v1.3.1 بازی تیر اندازی با سلاح‌های واقعی

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Real Shooting 3D 2016 یک بازی ساده برای تمرین تیراندازی برای تمامی سنین می‌باشد.این بازی طراحی شده تا بهترین تجربه تیراندازی را با سلاح‌های واقعی ارائه نماید. این بازی به شما کمک می‌کند تا به بهترین تیرانداز و شکارچی تبدیل شوید. همچنین از طریق این بازی یک سرباز می‌تواند تجربه کسب کرده و به بهترین تک‌تیرانداز تبدیل شود.در این بازی اهداف مختلفی برای شلیک وجود دارد: بطری، شیشه، بطری‌های شناور در هوا، سیبل و سایه‌های انسان تا به بهترین شکل مهارت‌های تیراندازی خود را بهبود دهید.


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Here is a simple game for range shooting practice for all ages shooter. It’s a best range shooting practice game. Get ready shooters to enjoy the best update of Real range Shooting 3D of 2016 on your android device from google Play Store.

Shooting refers to the use of gun but this is also known for firing from bow as archery. A person who shoots is called shooter. Shooting is used for hunting animals in jungle, warfare, self-defense and duels. Shooting can be very tricky depending on the weapon being used just like pistols, shot guns sniper rifles, etc. There are also some factors which can play in accuracy of shooting while you are in shooting arena, jungle or in battle field. There are few important tips for best shooting game practice e.g. Comfort, Breathing, Trigger control, and Sight and target alignment.

This game is designed to give user the best ever experience of range shooting game with real guns while keeping all points in mind. Think of a person who is in a competition, if he has some sort of prior experience which will help him to win the rivalry. While being in jungle as hunter, this range shooting game will help you to be the best shooter/hunter and taking the head shots with accuracy. Also a soldier in war can also use the experience to become the best sniper shooter of all time. Being a soldier it’s necessary to aim, shoot and kill with accuracy. A best range shooter is one who don’t miss the fire and shoot in head or in the center of his enemy

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Real Shooting 3D 2016 v1.3.1 بازی تیر اندازی با سلاح‌های واقعی
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